Amazing Scrap Sewing Project Ideas

You may want to think twice about throwing out your fabric scraps. Most sewers can get really creative in reusing and recycling their fabric scraps. Always collect your fabric scraps for future use.

They may prove beneficial for your other creative projects. Fabric scraps are potentially valuable pieces of material that can aid you in making your sewing projects highly economical.

For instance, fabric scraps can be sewn together to make quirky pillow cases and bed sheets. They can also be used to sew a wide array of things – handbags, blouses, skirts, curtains, etc. There is always value to be seen in waste if you know how to look at it.

Fabric scraps are especially useful for special occasions or holidays like Christmas.

They may be used to make personal gifts to loved ones. Aren’t gifts more valuable when they are personally handmade? They can be put to priceless use in a vast number of ways and can make several fun and personal items.

During the holiday season, for instance, you can make your family or significant other some useful gifts like coasters, bottle covers, bath towels, kitchen napkins, and bag straps among other things.

They can also be used to wrap some fashionable handbags. Small fabrics may be used to create cosmetic sets like make-up brushes. Fabric scraps can also be used to make body scrubs for your bath needs.

For little kids, they can be used to create stuffed toys or covers for their toys. And as a dressmaker in need of pincushions, fabric scraps can be useful for that as well.

Fabric scraps are not the only materials which can be used for recycling. Interfacing and lining material can also be equally useful for creative projects, especially those with unwoven assortments wherein the grainlines have no issues at all.

These patterns are perfectly useful when used in conjunction with your fabric leftovers.

20 Amazing Scrap Sewing Ideas

1. Coin Purse

This is a relatively easy project that requires more or less 4.5 inches of fabric. You can stitch it up in gold patterns or some fun holiday-themed colors.

2. Dolls or Stuffed Toys

One example of dolls that can be made from fabric scraps are the so-called Matryoshka dolls which are derived from Russian handicrafts. These cute little dolls are sure to bring delight to girls. Another good use for fabric leftovers are stuffed toys. The possibilities are endless – you can make sock bunnies, elephants, penguins, and many more.

3. Pincushion

Pincushions can be created with bold colors, absurd buttons, and quirky ribbons. Or you can experiment with scraps of light- and dark-colored prints. You’ll also need polyester fiberfill for the inside of your pincushion.

4. Camera Strap

Camera straps are made from relatively simple materials consisting of beautiful fabrics and fleece.

5. Keychain

With personal embellishments, keychains can look beautiful. You can use it to easily see or get a hold of your keys, identification cards, and other essential items.

6. Water Bottle Bag

This useful item may have a stretchable opening and a durable tape for its strap.

7. Press Bag

This item may be created using two sets of at least 9.5 inches of square-shaped fabric. The first one is used for its lining. Then, the upper cuff is turned down and patterned with any design of your own liking.

8. Clipped Towels

These towels are particularly useful in any home. Top them off with eye-catching ribbons to transform it from a plain-looking towel to something that is equipped with a head-turning panache.

9. Petal-Patterned Handbag

With your own design template, you will need more or less fifteen strips of fabric scraps utilizing at least eight various ¼ scraps. When done correctly, you should have a wide room for your personal items. Different quirky patterns are needed to make these little gifts for your friends and family during winter break or special occasions.

10.Snack Bags

These snack bags are reusable, and they can be created using fabric scraps made of vinyl.

11.Glass Coasters

Fabric scraps should be diagonally sewn and then padded like quilts to create a mat-like coaster for your mugs or any drinking glasses.

12. Glass Cases

This particular item features a tab that can be creased over with an eye-catching button and a stretchable closure.

13. Kitchen Towel

This is similar to your clipped towels but generally used in the kitchen – for wiping out stains or drying your hands.

14. Eye Masks

These masks are relaxing when filled with dried grains like beans, rice or lentils. You can also add chamomile for the scent.

15. Covered Magnets

Looking for ways to spice up your plain-looking fridge? These cute items may come in handy. All you need are glue, fabric scraps, pliers, quirky buttons, and of course some magnets.

16. E-Reader Case

This item has an envelope-like design with a side-flap for you to pull out your e-reader conveniently when needed. A closure with material made of Velcro may also come in handy.

17. Phone Case or Sleeve

This small item may be created with any mobile brand. The measurements, of course, depend on the physical specifications of your phone. You can try out weird patterns that you personally like.

18. Pencil Case

This is made specifically for school children. Preferably, it should be made with durable material like canvas. The ends should be rounded to accommodate different pens or pencils.

19. Sewing Machine Cover

If you ever need a sewing machine cover, all you need to do is stitch together different fabric scraps to create a variegated cover. You can top it off with ribbons for additional detail.

20. Mason Jar Jackets

Mason glass jars are ideal for containing different sorts of materials from personal items to school supplies. You can cozy them up with attention-grabbing fabrics.

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