Best Brother Sewing Machines

Brother is one of the most popular manufacturers of beginner and mid-level sewing machines. The company has a reputation for producing lightweight models that are perfect for everyday use.

While most Brother machines perform best with thinner materials, the company also manufactures heavy duty options such as the Designio series.

Brother models are always simple to use, making them suitable for both beginners and experts. Most have a generous amount of built-in stitches, along with extra functions such as a free-arm and automatic needle threader.

Some models also come with accessories such as a quilting table and extra presser feet.

Sewing machines made by Brother have a reputation for providing excellent value for money.

Whether you’re looking for your first one, or want to upgrade to a model with more features, Brother almost certainly has a model that matches your requirements and budget.

Brother produces a huge range of mechanical and computerized models for a variety of types of sewing.

This provides a great deal of choice – but also makes deciding on a model difficult. If you’re thinking of buying a Brother, we’ve listed two of the top-rated models below.

Brother XR3774 Sewing and Quilting Machine

The Brother XR3774 is packed full of features, making it one of the most versatile models in its price bracket.

Features include 37 built-in stitches, a wide table for quilting, and an automatic buttonhole.

The Brother XR3774 also comes with eight presser feet, allowing you to tackle a variety of projects. If you need one that produces top-quality stitches, the Brother XR3774 is one of the best options.

Like many Brother machines, the XR3774 comes with a number of accessories. These include a 3-piece needle set, extra bobbins and a cover for the machine. The XR3774 also has a 25-year limited warranty.

A reviewer was impressed with its ease of use and says that it’s a perfect model for beginners. Other positive comments include that it’s a lightweight machine, has a high build quality and produces beautiful stitches.

Buyers mention being impressed with how easy the model is to set up. Several write that they were already working with it within ten minutes of opening the box.

One downside to the Brother XR3774 is that it doesn’t come with a hard carry case. This isn’t a surprise, considering the low-price, but would have been a useful addition.

Considering the range of features, most buyers agree that the XR3774 provides exceptional value and versatility.

Brother PQ1500S Quilting and Sewing Machine

If you need to sew large projects such as quilts quickly, the Brother PQ1500S is one of the best options on the market.

It has a range of convenience features such as an automatic thread trimmer, needle position setting, and automatic threader.

The Brother PQ1500S can also sew a maximum of 1500 stitches per minute, so you can complete projects fast.

PQ1500S is a popular model amongst buyers!

A reviewer says that the Brother PQ1500S is perfect for quilting. She admits that the model took a while to set up, but once she had adjusted the thread tension, foot pressure and bobbin tension it became easy to use.

Other reviewers mention that the PQ1500S is capable of working at its top speed without breaking the needle or thread.

While there aren’t many problems reported by reviewers, one buyer says that the bobbin is more difficult to thread than others. This is a minor annoyance but doesn’t detract from the quality of stitching once you get going.

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable

Are you in search of a reliable and multifunctional sewing machine that guarantees quality? If so, the Brother xl2600i sewing machine is just the right choice for you.

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing Machine

This user-friendly sewing machine is great for beginners and facilitates ease of learning while providing a wide range of stitching options and designs to suit your every need.

The Brother XL2600i brings out the very best of creativity in every user since it provides new and innovative stitching patterns to explore.

In fact, this sewing machine features up to 25 Built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches that open up new doors to creating stitch patterns like never before.

Brother_XL2600i Review

Apart from mere sewing, the Brother XL2600i can be utilized for creating a series of decorative patterns on clothing, as well as for quilting. In addition, a huge variety of homemade crafts and fashions can be created with this amazing sewing machine.

There are many unique properties that characterize the Brother xl2600i sewing machine. It features a 1-step auto-size buttonholer that adjusts to suit your specifications.

The machine also comes fully equipped with a built-in thread cutter to facilitate continuous sewing, without having to stop to grab a pair of scissors. The drop-in bobbin mechanism allows you to monitor the thread feed as you work.

The Brother XL2600i is ingeniously designed with a free arm that facilitates the easy stitching of cuffs and sleeves. This feature ensures that all hard to reach parts of your clothing and crafts are accounted for.

Not to mention, the Brother xl2600i sewing machine performs both forward and reverse stitching, with variable needle positions for providing a wider range of stitching options. In addition, twin needle arrangement for undertaking more intricate decorative stitching.

Learn how to use the Brother XL2600i before you buy it.

The Brother xl2600i sewing machine is well known for its ease of portability. This is not only due to the fact that it weighs next to nothing, but also because it comes fitted with a built-in handle that allows you to carry it without any hassles.

Likewise, this convenient sewing machine features a built-in light that provides maximum illumination for optimum results. A built-in storage compartment is readily available for all accessories.

Some of these accessories accompanying the Brother XL2600i and can be used for quilting, button sewing, and zipper insertion, among other uses.

One extremely thrilled client mentioned in his Brother xl2600i review that “this machine is durable and easy to use when compared to the affordable price at which it is sold.”

The Brother xl2600i manual provides simplified instructions on machine use and care. These instructions are written in both English and Spanish, thereby accommodating a diversity of users.

The Brother xl2600i sewing machine carries a 25-year limited warranty. This ensures that you can always trust in the company that produces this equipment; after all, they stand by their name and they value reputation.

The Brother xl2600i sewing machine is extremely affordable and can be currently purchased at an amazingly reduced price. This sewing machine would go a long way in ensuring that you achieve great results without emptying your pockets!

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW

The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine takes your sewing to newer dimensions, and as the name rightly suggests, it gets the job done while creating a classy fashion statement that would put your end product at the forefront of the fashion design industry.

BROTHER CS5055PRW Computerized Sewing Machine

This limited edition of the Brother model was ergonomically engineered with the objective of bringing out the best in all of its users. The Brother CS5055PRW caters for beginners, as well as experts in the sewing industry, and its ease of use and salient features maximize the chance of developing more creative skills and exploring new fashion trends without emptying your pockets.

Salient features of the Brother CS5055PRW

  • The Brother CS5055PRW comes readily available with 50 built-in stitches that can be utilized for creating decorative, heirloom and utility stitches. In addition, each built-in stitch pattern can perform multiple stitching functions.
  • This guarantees that no one runs out of new ideas or fashion since there is a world of designs waiting to be explored. Furthermore, special built-in stitches are readily available for all your quilting needs.
  • Built-in stretch stitches ensure that your elastic clothing and accessories are taken into account. With the Brother CS5055PRW, practically everything is covered!
  • Brother CS5055PRW is fully computerized and this allows you to easily select your stitch pattern, while the machine takes care of the rest for you. A clear and easy to read screen is present at the front of the machine to remind you of your stitch selection.
  • The computerized nature of this state of the art machine allows for effortless stitching and maximum efficiency. Not to mention, the ease of threading eliminates eye-straining and excessive time consumption.
  • The Brother CS5055PRW also features a 5 one-step buttonhole mechanism for ensuring that all buttons are fitted, regardless of their sizes and style. This model also provides users with a quick set drop-in bobbin mechanism for easy set-up of the threading system, while bobbin replacement is achieved within a single step.
  • A 6 specialty sewing feet is another unique feature of the Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine. This particular feature further broadens the scope of creative choices available for sewing.
  • The instruction manual is clearly laid out so that everyone can clearly understand how the Brother CS5055PRW works and can get started with little or no experience. In addition, the manual comes readily available in English and Spanish for users who are familiar with either of these languages.
  • The Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine is fully covered with a 25 – year seal of warranty. Best of all, the price of this sewing machine is just right! Clients can save up to 60% on the original price at which this machine was listed.
  • Free shipping is included at the currently discounted price. This is a great opportunity for clients to acquire this limited edition of the Brother CS5055PRW for less. Get on the move with fashion design by purchasing this computerized sewing machine today!

Brother LS2125i

You are sitting on a sturdy wooden chair in a room. The sun’s rays barely penetrate through the white blinds as you work effortlessly processing fabric through the sewing machine’s feed.

A button hole here and button hole there. A collar fined and sharpened to make the shirt appear as if it came from a designer magazine. You pull out needles and bobbins as sweat collects on your forehead.

Brother Sewing Machine Model LS-2125

You are careful that everything works according to plan, and then it happens, something is wrong at the corner of the shirt you have spent hours crafting, a tear as the sewing machine abruptly stops.

You shake it in frustration and take a sigh. It is time to replace that broken sewing machine for something new and reliable, the Brother LS2125i sewing machine!

Brother LS2125i Review

The Brother LS2125i sewing machine is a lightweight, portable product only weighs seven pounds. That is only three pounds lighter than a toy poodle! It has a footprint of under 15 width times 6.5 in diameter, so it fits on any desk or table.

It does not take up much space, so the sewing machine leaves extra space for related work that saves time. The sewing machine comes with ten built-in stitches to create the clothing project of your dreams through garment construction, decorative stitches, automatic buttonhole, and quilting stitches.

Do you want to select a stitch without pressing buttons? That is easy as it only takes turning a dial to do so. Are you new when it comes to operating sewing machines?

That is not a problem as there is an easy to follow instruction manual that covers all the basics (threading, bobbin winding, creating buttonholes, and the built-in free arm to sew pant hems and sleeves).

The sewing machine, Brother LS2125i is great for basic sewing, so it will be both easy and fun to make alterations to clothing and home decorations.

The Brother LS2125i sewing machine has a dial that ensures stitches are smooth, unlike other sewing machines that have puckered and loose stiches so while feeding your fabric is uninterrupted.

If you want the tension to increase on the worked denim fabric, simply turn the dial to the right. For the tension to decrease on the light weight fabric, simply turn the dial to the left.

The bobbin installation is simple to operate for this machine. Simply, with the upper thread in place, set the bobbin on the winder and push the bobbin to the right.

How To Thread Bobbin on Brother LS 2125 Sewing Machine

Bobbin automatically wounds for you. Do you either have a problem with threading or new to it? That is not an issue as there is a diagram that is printed on the machine that shows you how to successfully thread.

The diagram and directions printed on the sewing machine come in four languages, so those not of English-speaking countries can understand how to operate it.

Brother LS2125i has easily removable and snapped on feet that allow for a diversity of sewing operations to complete projects the zipper, button, and buttonhole foot. As you work on your project, the product comes with a foot controller pedal to assists you.

The product comes with an accessory pouch that contains three bobbins, needle set, twin needle, darning plate, and an extra spool pin. Do you speak either Spanish or English?

There is a supplied manual that describes how to operate the machine. In addition there is a twenty-five year limited warranty and free phone support. All of this included with the Brother LS2125i for $129…well, actually, it is $80 plus free shipping when ordered on!

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW

The muscles in your backache, the retina of your eyes burn, while your fingers throb. The sewing machine hums as the pressure foot pushes against the fabric that goes along the feed dogs.

You switch the stitch selector every now and then when it comes to specially design certain areas of the fabric. You glance up at the clock to notice time has significantly passed as you are nearly finished with the project.

Brother Project Runway PC420PRW

Your eyes begin to become weary and your hand slips – one finger is stabbed by the needle that sends sharp pain shooting through your body.

In jerk reaction, your hand knocks over the sewing machine and your project becomes ruined as thread and fabric tangle, creating a mess created by tirelessly slaving over an ancient, flimsy technology that requires more work assembling than aiding in your project creation.

The Brother Project Runway sewing machine pc420prw leaves sewing machines of the sort behind in the dust.

Brother pc420prw Review

The Brother pc420prw comes with two-hundred ninety-four built-in stitches that are broken down into five categories – sixty-seven utility stitches, thirty-one decorative stitches, five cross stitches, sixteen satin stitches, and ten decorative satin stitches.

The sewing machine features an electronic custom stitch that is saved on computer memory, so you may use them over and over without starting over. The two-hundred and four stitches are easily displayed on a backlit LCD display with a stitch selector.

This is an upgrade from any sewing machines before the Brother pc420prw. This Brother sewing machine has a six-point feed dog that allows you to sew an immersive variety of fabrics.

The product has an easy automatic needle thread where the thread is automatically pushed right through the needle’s eye. Do you have problems when it comes to threads and needles? No problem, as on the machine is a printed diagram that helps you with your projects.

Check this video about the Brother PC420PRW

Have you ever attempted to sew slow or fast on certain sections of fabric, just to mess up? That is no problem, as there is an adjustable speed control that allows you to control how fast or slow you sew.

While you use this sewing machine there is a powerful bright light of at least 100,000 bulb life located on the machine to see those extra details in creating your project to avoid an error.

The Brother pc420prw contains a built-in thread cutter that contains a programmable trimmer that cuts the upper and lower threads after the end of each task.

The bobbin winding system is incredibly easy to use regarding the Brother pc420prw – the thread only needs to be in place by the right, and press the start button, so the bobbin quickly wounds automatically.

The Brotherpc420prw is a sewing machine that offers other features to enhance your project creations. The first feature is a twin needle function that allows parallel stitching to be sewn close together.

The twin needle function is perfect for topstitching, pin tucking, hemming, and quilting. The second feature is the knee lifter that allows you to easily raise and lower the presser foot, so your hands are free to interfere with the fabric.

The sewing machine comes with eleven easily removable feet that snap into place – the walking, overcasting, monogramming, zipper, blind, buttonhole, stitch, and among other selections. An accessory pouch contains three bobbins, needle set, cleaning brush, extra spool, screwdrivers, and a grid sheet.

The instructional operation manual comes in both English and Spanish, so if you are new to sewing machine operation there is nothing to worry about. The fourteen-pound sewing machine cost is $349 and it is a great deal since its original cost was $649.

That is a $299 saving, and the Brotherpc420prw is discounted on Amazon and includes in its price free shipping. The sewing machine comes with a bilingual instruction manual. A twenty-five-year limited warranty and toll-free customer support also come with the Brother40prw.

Brother 1034D 3/4 Thread Serger with Differential Feed

In a room where the sun rises and its rays penetrates through the thick blinds. The last you remembered the moon shinned in the night sky along with an army of stars.

Without looking at the round clock that hangs on the wall, you believe many hours have passed while you performed on your sewing machine. You sigh with relief as you are nearly complete with adding the small, but finer detail to the shirt.

Brother 1034d Review

With the sewing machine, you create a slit here and there for the buttons to piece the shirt together while trimming fabric where it overlaps.

Exhausted from constant hours of working diligently, your hands tremble as sweat forms on your forehead, and then it happens – the thread becomes stuck on the needle.

You suck your teeth in disgust as you attempt to delicately pull it off. The more you try to release it the more tangled the shirt becomes – the project is ruined. Perhaps, it is time to replace such an ancient technology for something new and reliable, the Brother 1034d.

Brother 1034d Review

The Brother 1034d has twenty-two built-in stitch functions that will help you create the project of your dreams. You will be able to stitch together that heirloom gown passed down from generation to generation to keep it wearable.

The sewing machine comes with stitching options that include four-thread overlocks, three thread overlocks, narrow hem, ribbon lock stitches, and rolled hem.

The high-performance thread serger creates ruffles, decorative edges, and much more! Have you sewn on durable and delicate fabric only for it to mess up? With the Brother 1034d has various fabric feeds that prevent tearing.

The machine comes with a removable stitch finger that ensures consistent well-formed stitches along fabric edges. Determine and easily adjust your stitch width between five and seven mm with a switch located on the sewing machine’s side.

The machine has a removable free arm that slides off to serge cylindrical items such as sleeves and to increase workspace. Do you want to increase the stitch quality? The Brother 1034d comes with a differential fabric feed that helps improve the quality of all fabrics, whether it is stretchy, knitted, or thin.

The 1300 stitches per minute sewing machine have an easy threading detection method coded by colors. The threading system is designed to keep the thread stay in the right place.

The differential feed ratio ranges from 0.7 to 2.0. The machine, unlike other sewing machines, runs ahead to the finish line as it requires no special needles, instead, it is compatible with most home standard sewing.

An adjustable knife feature that can be turned on and off by a simple lever, and becomes useful for pin tucking and flatlock. If you have ever had a problem with lighting during sewing, worry no more as the sewing machine comes equipped with a brilliant floodlight over the needle area.

The product comes with optional, easy to remove feet like the multi-purpose guide, and the gathering foot. For an additional purchase, an additional foot can be yours to use, the Brother 1034d Serger foot.

The Brother serger has an additional foot that can be purchased, which can be a downside compared to other sewing machines that come with it.

The Brother 1034d comes with an accessory bag that contains a needle set, four spool nets, a cleaning brush, hexl wrench, trim trap, tweezers, and a foot controller. Are you new to working with sewing machines?

If so that is great! A bilingual operation manual is supplied in English and Spanish. The product comes with a twenty-five-year limited warranty.

You can purchase all from the Brother Serger 1034d review for $189 plus free shipping when ordered on Amazon – that’s a $273 deduction from the original price of $463!which makes this one of the best sewing machines.


If you’re looking for an inexpensive model that can produce attractive stitches, Brother manufactures some of the best options.

Brother sewing machines always provide excellent value and are designed to be easy to use.

Most Brother models are lightweight and built for everyday projects. They are often not suitable for professional sewing or punching through difficult materials – although there are some exceptions.

If you need something for sewing clothing, quilts, and hemming, you can’t go wrong with a Brother model. For denim and leather, make sure you only look for a heavy-duty model.

The two models in this article are the top-rated Brother machines on the market. If you’re on a tight budget, the Brother XR3774 is an excellent model that’s suitable for most projects.

For more complicated projects or if you have a larger budget, especially if you need to sew quickly, the Brother PQ1500S is the better option.

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