Best Embroidery Machines (Monogramming): Reviews and Buying Guide

Beautiful embroidery patterns have always been popular. The problem is that hand stitching embroidery patterns can be time-consuming and difficult.

If you don’t have the time to manually stitch patterns, an embroidery machine is an excellent alternative.

Embroidery machines work by following a programmable pattern. The person operating the machine simply selects the pattern they want using an LCD screen and places the fabric in the correct position (making sure that a stabilizer keeps the fabric flat).

Once the machine starts the embroidery process, the computer guides the thread and only requires input when the thread needs to be changed.

If you’re searching for your first embroidery machine, it’s important to find a model that’s easy to thread and straightforward to use.

Some beginner models have a notoriously steep learning curve. More expensive options typically have more functions, fonts and included patterns.

Many of the latest computer models are also able to download digitized embroidery patterns from a PC.

Choosing the best embroidery machine can be difficult. There are a number of factors to consider, including the throat width, hoop size and extra accessories (more on these later).

You also need to consider your budget and the type of embroidery you need. We make the process easy with our in-depth embroidery machine reviews.

To make things less confusing, you need to decide whether or not you want a combination machine.

Combo machines can be used for both sewing and embroidery, while embroidery only machines don’t have a sewing function. If you don’t own a sewing machine already, combination models can be a great “all in one” solution.

While embroidery machines can be expensive , they can also provide beautiful designs. If you’re interested in buying an embroidery machine, we want to make the process as simple as possible.

Listed below are the main considerations when choosing an embroidery machine, followed by the top four rated models available at the moment.

Our Top 4 – Embroidery Machine Reviews

1.Brother PE770 Embroidery-Only Machine

Robust embroidery designs are easy to come by, but most machines struggle to achieve high-quality results.

I was in the market searching for a reasonable embroidery solution to use at home and began sifting through options on the open market.

The “Brother PE770 Embroidery-Only Machine” caught my eye as an option, and this review will shed light on what I’ve learned about its features. This should provide tremendous insight on the product.

136 Built-In Embroidery Designs

The most prominent feature I noticed was the presence of 136 built-in embroidery designs. This provides an excellent template for one to follow while going through specific materials (i.e. silk and cotton).

This enables a person to maximize materials to their fullest potential knowing the machine will be able to handle their creativity. These designs are varied and easy on the eyes when put together making it a must for people who are starting off and need quality.

It’s easy to switch through them giving real value to those wanting to race through an ongoing project.

LCD Display Screen

The second important feature of the “Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine” has to be its gorgeous and large LCD display screen. It enables a person to quickly switch through settings and choose the one they’re looking for.

It syncs nicely with the previous feature where a person has to go through 136 built-in embroidery designs. Being able to use the LCD screen makes it a simpler task when racing through a project

Features and Specifications

  • Provides Auto Threading With Auto Thread Cutter And Precision Thread Trimming
  • Easy Design Editing Offered Through Rotations And Ability To Decrease/Increase Design Sizing
  • Import Designs With Assistance Of A USB Slot For Limitless Options
  • Comes With 5 X 7 Inch Field For Extensive Space For Embroidery Designs

What Customers are Saying?

The robust collection of designs is a tremendous benefit for users and is one of its biggest features.

The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine stands out because of its limitless potential with the help of these 136 built-in embroidery designs plus the imported designs users can bring along via the USB port.

Among a plethora of positives, there is one sticking point people mention when it comes to the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine.

It has a lingering inability to provide a color screen for the LCD display. This can have an impact on how the designs are viewed in some cases.

It’s important to remember with this negative, the designs provided by the brand are perfectly viewable and aren’t going to look limited.

The machine provides endless detail on how the embroidery design will end up, so a person is not left confused.

This is one of its biggest strengths regardless of the weakness posed by a black and white display. It stands out for those who are searching to get a good option in their collection.

This begins to illustrate why the Brother PE770 Embroidery-Only Machine is such an excellent option for people to consider.

Who Should Buy this Product?

A person who is entering the world of embroidery and wants an easy to use machine will enjoy what this one has to offer. It’s perfect for younger souls who are in search of a high-tech option that’s going to provide great range and will continue to work around the clock as required.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product?

When it comes to a person who shouldn’t buy this product, it’s important to remember the Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is a great machine in general.

Most people will be able to use it, but for those who are desiring a traditional machine, this might not fit the bill either – even if it works better. The LCD display is a part of the package so this has to be taken into consideration.


The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is a world-class embroidery machine with its built-in designs, USB port, and overall quality. It is the perfect fit for those who want to start crafting embroidery designs.

It’s a seamless machine and will continue to work well for years to come. It’s a must-buy.

2. Singer S10 Studio Embroidery Machine

When it comes to embroidery, it is important that you shop with a company that is known for its high quality equipment.

Singer is one such company, as they have been in the sewing and embroidery machine business for several years.

If you are thinking about purchasing such a machine, the Singer S10 is a model that you might want to look into. This studio model is great for a number of reasons.

Use these points and apply them in order to learn exactly why this machine is a great purchase, no matter your experience level.

Built-in Computer

The first key feature of this embroidery machine is its built-in computer. This sewing machine is advanced and is the next evolution when it comes to machinery.

The built-in computer that comes with this embroidery machine is useful for a number of reasons, one of them being that you can log on and find many different patterns and designs.

The machine then downloads and applies them with precision, so that you are able to add touches to anything that you are working with.

Editing Potential

Another key feature of this embroidery machine is that it has great editing potential.

Many embroidery machines allow you to lay down some great patterns, but you always run the risk of making mistakes. With this machine you will have all you need to edit patterns and customize the work to the best of your ability.

This gives you excellent and quality control no matter what your experience level or interests are.

Features and Specifications

Some of the specifications and features that you will enjoy with this embroidery machine include:

  • 55 different design options
  • Three fonts that are useful out of the box, including Script, Gothic and Cheltenham
  • 18 different borders
  • You will have the option to use colors as you see fit
  • Two different hoops that range in size
  • The ability to hook the embroidery up to your computer using a USB cable

What Customers are Saying

Most customers are impressed by this embroidery machine due to the fact that it has a great number of out-of-the-box features.

People say that this is an excellent machine whether you are brand-new to embroidery or if you are looking for a few tips and techniques with the designs that come with it.

Customers also find the machine to be durable and easy to use once you get used to the learning curve.

Who Should Buy this Product

This product is useful if you want one position with your embroidery. Because it has excellent editing features and adjustment capability, you will quickly be able to learn and do everything that you can to make the most out of any design that you take on.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product

Some people who steer clear of this machine do so because it tends to be fairly loud. They say that while it is operating, it makes noises which can be distracting.

However, if you are now worried about the sound, this is not a serious enough detriment to the machine for not buying it.

Commonly Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that people ask related to this embroidery machine. People tend to ask which operating systems it is usable for. People who use both Mac and Windows are able to take advantage of this machine.

They also ask what size monogram it uses. This machinery works with a 5.5 digitized monogram.

People also have a number of technical questions related to the use of the machine. In these situations, they are typically urged to get in touch with customer service at 1-800-474-6437, during the customer service hours of 8 AM to 4 PM central time.


By keeping these points in mind, you can see exactly why this embroidery machine is useful and can learn the important tips that will help you decide whether to purchase it or not.

3. Brother PE525 Embroidery Machine

When you want to learn how to sew, it is very important that you get your hands on the right sewing machine.

The Brother PE525 is an embroidery machine manufactured by one of the largest machine manufacturers on the planet.

There are a few aspects that you need to know about this machine, so start off by implementing these tips below.

Tons of Hookups

The first key feature that you will want to embrace is the fact that this machine has a number of hookups that will allow you to enjoy all of its many perks.

For example, this machine lets you connect to the Internet in order to purchasing and using new designs for your machine.

Simultaneously it connects to and will give you access to several thousand designs. This is an important feature because it will allow you to get the most out of your machine so that you can also learn on the go with some excellent embroidery projects to try out.

Several Patterns

Another great feature of this embroidery machine is that it comes with several patterns.

It is the patterns which will allow you to master a number of different fonts and give you the opportunity to create monograms with ease.

This feature is great because it makes the machine accessible whenever a person wants to learn a little bit more about embroidery with a machine that will be useful to them.

Features and Specifications

Consider some of these points below in order to make sure that you understand the handy specifications for this embroidery machine:

  • It has more than 70 designs out of the box and the ability to download plenty more
  • This embroidery machine comes with 120 different frames and 5 different fonts
  • The machine’s dimensions are 20.3 X 15 X 15.2 inches
  • The machine weighs about 22 pounds

What Customers are Saying

It is important to understand exactly what you can get out of this embroidery machine.

Many customers are happy about this machine due to the fact that it is durable and easy to learn.

Every embroidery machine comes with a learning curve and customers say that this particular embroidery machine is an excellent option when it comes to trying to find the first sewing machine that you own.

Who Should you Buy this Product?

This product is great for anyone who is learning how to embroider. This is critical because it will teach you all you need to know about the basics of embroidery.

Because it is able to connect to the internet and give you all of the designs you may need, you will be able to maximize on this and feel free to get your mistakes out of the way with a machine that can guide you.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product?

This product probably isn’t what you need if you are already experienced when it comes to embroidery.

It can get the job done but you may be better off with another model if this is not something that you are interested in.

It is better served as a machine that is useful when you are looking to learn the ins and outs of embroidery as opposed to hitting the ground running with a product that is for more experienced embroiderers.

Commonly Asked Questions

There are a lot of questions that people ask when they are interested in purchasing this embroidery machine.

People tend to ask you a lot about shipping to see whether sellers ship internationally. People also tend to ask what comes with it. In most situations, it comes with needle sets, a set of screwdrivers, a USB cord and bobbins.


With these tips in mind, you can see why this embroidery machine will be great for you. There are a lot of companies that can sell you these machines, so it is important that you find the embroidery machine that will fulfill your needs. This one is a great start.

4. Brother SE400 Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine

If you want to buy an embroidery machine that will allow you to tackle a lot of different projects, you may want to look into the Brother SE400.

This machine is a great way to go no matter what sort of project you want to take on. These tips below will tell you what you need to know about why this embroidery machine is a great buy and why it will be useful to you.

To that end, handle these points and use them in order to shop for one of these models.

Quality Embroidery Area

The main feature of this machine is that it has a quality embroidery area which will be comfortable for you to handle any sort of project.

There are a lot of different components that get this done — including a light that makes the object clearly visible, an automatically needle threader and the option to download designs from the internet.

Because you are able to get your hands on some of these designs seamlessly through the use of the internet, you’ll be able to jump on quality designs that give you practice and a wonderful template.

Easy Setup

Another quality feature of this embroidery machine is that it comes with an easy setup that allows you to hit the ground running with it.

This model features bobbins that will allow you to move quickly in a winding belt system that will allow you to thread the needle with no problem.

It even has a drop-in setup that will make sure that it finds the right thread and uses it without having to deal with a jam or any other problem.

Features and Specifications

It also pays for you to look into the specifications and features that will help you when it comes to getting the machine to work.

  • This system is useful in any type of computerized sewing work that you are looking for
  • It comes equipped with interchangeable power cords and a USB cord
  • You will be able to keep items such as the arm and loose accessories into its own holding compartment
  • This machine is bilingual and will work using both Spanish and English language components

What Customers are Saying

If you are looking into this sewing machine, you will need to also learn what customers are saying about it. People enjoy the rotations that it is able to complete, in addition to raising and lowering for the best precision possible.

Who Should Buy this Product

In order to get the most out of your sewing machine, you will want to figure out if it is best for you.

People who are skilled in fabric works will take solace in this machine because it features intricate design and fabulous performance.

People who have been using sewing machines for a long time will also enjoy this product as an upgrade, because it has a lot of bells and whistles that put it over the top.

Who Shouldn’t Buy this Product

This product might not be ideal for you depending on the size specifications of embroidering jobs that you plan to do.

For instance, if you are trying to undergo a 5 X 7 inches embroidering task, you will want to look elsewhere for a machine. However, if you are looking to get the most out of a 4 X 4 machine, this can be the go-to option for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

People often ask whether this machinery comes with the machine only or if it comes with machine and thread. People also typically ask about the potential add-ons and upgrade capability, in addition to the accessories that happen to come with it.


All in all, this is a great sewing machine that you will be able to use to your advantage any time that you have any sort of sewing or embroidery work.

This is an excellent piece of equipment that is useful for the newbie and skilled seamstress alike, so consider this review as you shop around.

How to Choose a Top Rated Embroidery Machine

Your Personal Requirements

Before you start looking for an embroidery machine, you need to think about your requirements.

Are you looking for a machine for commercial projects? If so, search for a model that’s designed for continuous use.

For home projects, you can get away with a cheaper model that isn’t designed for mass production.

These models are typically slower. We make your job easier as we’ve collected multiple embroidery machine reviews and put the information in this post.

Your budget is another important factor. Embroidery machines can range from a few hundred dollars up to thousands for professional models.

For beginners or people who just want to complete a few basic projects, machines in the hundred dollar range should suffice.

Commercial machines cost much more, but have a faster and more reliable operation which makes up for the higher price.

Hoop Size

The hoop size sets the maximum dimensions of an embroidery pattern. The larger the hoop, the bigger your patterns can be – although keep in mind that the sewing field is different to the exact length and width of the hoop.

In general, bigger hoop sizes are better. Larger patterns provide more versatility when designing your projects.

Typical field sizes range from 4×4 inches up to 6×8 inches. There are larger options available but these are usually more expensive. Some machines come with more than one hoop size for different types of projects.

Finding and Using Designs

One of the great things about modern embroidery machines is being able to download thousands of patterns from the web.

Some machines make this easy, while others make it more difficult to upload designs to the machine’s memory.

It’s rare for modern machines to have no form of connectivity, but you should always check that your machine can connect to a PC before you buy.

More expensive machines sometimes allow you to create your own designs using specialized software.

Once the design has been created it can be uploaded and used in the same way as any other embroidery pattern. If customization is important for you, look for a machine that comes with the ability to use digital pattern creation software.

Screen Functionality

The functions accessible via an embroidery machine’s screen vary between models. Some machine’s simply let you choose a pattern and start the machine. Others provide more complex functions, such as being able to rotate the design and perform minor edits.

While these extra features aren’t essential, they can make choosing the right pattern easier and more convenient.

Other Factors

There are a number of other features and settings available on embroidery machines.

While some of these factors may not affect your decision, it’s important to know about them so you can make an informed choice. Examples include:

Multiple heads. Some embroidery machines have more than one stitching head. This allows the machine to change color automatically.

Throat width. The distance between the body of the machine and needle is called the throat width. A larger throat width is often more convenient. Large widths can be especially useful for working on big projects such as quilts.

Fonts. When monogramming, it’s useful to have a selection of fonts and text sizes. Cheaper models tend to come with two or three fonts, while more advanced models can include ten or more.

Convenience features. Manufacturers have developed a range of convenience features that can be found in both embroidery and sewing machines. These include automatic threaders, pressure sensors and auto-thread cutting.

These features are not essential, but can make embroidery more fun. You should also check the bobbin type before you buy – drop-in bobbins are typically more convenient.

Simplicity. Depending on your experience with electronics and sewing machines, some embroidery machines can be confusing.

You should feel comfortable using a machine’s options. Some models are easier and more intuitive to use than others.

Brand. There are a number of brands that manufacture embroidery machines. Some have a better reputation than others.

For home sewing and embroidery machines, manufacturers such as Brother and Singer are known for producing high-quality models at reasonable prices.

Software. Some embroidery machines are compatible with generic software. Others require specific software. It’s important to check whether software is included with the machine, and if not how much it costs.

Warranty. Make sure you read and understand the warranty before you buy. Also be aware that mechanical and electrical components may be covered differently.

Connection type. If your embroidery machine can download new designs, make sure you know how it connects to a computer. USB connections are fast and simple to use.

Optional extras. Many machines can be used with a variety of add-ons. These include quilting tables and presser feet.

The more available add-ons for your embroidery machine, the more scope you have for different projects in the future.

How to Find the Best Affordable Embroidery Machine

Finding a top rated cheap embroidery machine doesn’t have to be hard. If you just want to decorate sewing projects at home, affordable embroidery machines can provide access to a number of pre-set patterns for less.

Many of these machines can also connect to the internet and download almost unlimited designs.

The wide range of options can make choosing one difficult. To make things more confusing, manufacturers often over-hype every function or setting.

In reality, there are a few main considerations that you should focus on, such as the sewing area and ease of use. Don’t buy a machine just because it has a few more built-in designs or an extra font, unless this is something that you really need.

While some cheap models can create professional-level embroidery designs, others are fiddly or difficult to use. The cheapest are also usually made of plastic and don’t come with a warranty.

In contrast, the best cheap embroidery machines are built with a sturdy frame – preferably made from metal – to withstand repeated use.

You should look for one with a reasonably large sewing area, so you aren’t restricted to small patterns, and that can download new designs. A long-term warranty is also essential.

Only once you’ve found one that matches your basic requirements should you look at extra features. You may, for example, want to buy one with additional convenience features, such as an automatic threader and drop-in bobbin.

Advantages of Owning Embroidery/Monogramming Machines

Modern technology has meant that it’s easier than ever before to create beautiful embroidery patterns.

Designs that would have taken hours of painstaking work can now be completed automatically. Some of the advantages of owning an embroidery machine include:

Perfect Patterns

Embroidery machines are programmed to create exact patterns. Unlike human embroidery patterns, machines can execute the correct stitches every time.

As long as the machine is setup correctly, and can handle the material used, the patterns should be close to perfect. This does depend on the quality of the machine though.

Fast Designs

Creating an embroidery pattern by hand takes a long time. While there is an initial learning curve associated with embroidery machines, once you know how to use them it’s possible to create exquisite patterns very quickly.

If you need to design patterns for commercial products, a faster process means a greater opportunity to scale your embroidery business.

Easy Monogramming

Monogramming is easy and fast when using an embroidery machine. The various font sizes and styles available on most machines also make it possible to create a variety of designs.


Owning an embroidery machine is the easiest way to add beautiful, complex designs to your sewing projects. With most embroidery machines able to download designs from the internet, there are almost infinite possibilities.

As the machines listed in this article show, you don’t need to spend thousands on a professional embroidery machine if you just want to complete the occasional design.

Aside from your personal requirements, there are a number of considerations when choosing an embroidery machine. The size of the hoop is one of the most important.

Small hoops can be useful for certain designs, but are more restrictive. Other considerations include your budget, the machine’s connectivity and number of included embroidery patterns.

If your budget can stretch, we calling the Brother PE770 the best embroidery machine.

It’s a high-quality machine with a relatively large sewing field, functional LCD screen and extensive library of designs. It also includes six fonts and the ability to import patterns from your computer via USB.

The Brother PE770 is one of the highest rated home embroidery machines available at the moment and provides great value for money.

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